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    Douglas Georgia Competition Kicks Off the Season

      The Georgia Barbecue Association kicked off the 2018-2019 season in Douglas, Georgia and Smokin J’s Barbeque, along with 40 other teams, were in the heart of it. Kudos to the City of Douglas The city of Douglas definitely knows how to run a competition.  Everything was strategically organized and planned for not only the cook teams, but also the many craft vendors, car enthusiast, and families who attended. Great job to Mike Hudson and his staff! Those of you who do not cook at professional competition events may find this mundane, however, the cook teams arrived to find great signage for the event; easy access to the cook sites,…

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    Smokin J’s Barbeque Was Hot in Hazelhurst

    Three Rivers Festival It was bittersweet at the Three Rivers Festival in Haselhurst, Georiga this past weekend, as it was the 9th and final festival to be hosted by Jim Sewell, in the small southern town. Organizer Jim Sewell held back tears as he dropped the news on 23 Georgia Barbecue Association cook teams during Friday evening’s cooks’ meeting. “I really struggled with this decision specifically because of the many fine people I have met by putting on this contest,” lamented Jim. ” I will always be grateful to those who supported our contest over the years.” Doug and I are very sad about the demise of the Three Rivers Festival. Our…

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    Mediocore Meat at Canton BBQ & Brews

    Judges said we had mediocore meat at Canton’s BBQ & Brews barbecue competition. The weekend started off great!  Traditionally, BBQ & Brews gives away a gift basket to the team who turns in their competition application first. For the THIRD TIME – IT WAS US! Filled with t-shirts, hats, pig regalia and Reformation Beer – we appreciated being recognized. We are always excited about participating in these north Georgia events, so we get our applications in, as soon as we see them appear on the GBA schedule.  Dale Wilson, owner of Pirate 50 Custom Artwork and Trophies (and creator of some of the best GBA trophies) surprised BBQ & Brews’…

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    Barbecue at the Fire Ant Festival 2018

    It was not the weekend we were hoping for at the Fire Ant Barbecue Festival 2018.  Unable to get a call for our barbecue pork, loin, or ribs, we finished 24 out of 42 teams competing. This was our first competition with our new Stump Smoker.  The new gravity-fed smoker worked great and kept a consistent temperature for over 14 hours straight.  However, our timing was a bit off. We felt our loin was the most tender entry we have ever submitted; even scoring as the best on the table by one judge, and second-best by two other judges; however, it could not compete with Rescue Smokers first place loin. …

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    Smokin J’s Barbeque Welcomes Dixie Crystals

    Smokin J’s Barbeque welcomes Dixie Crystals as a sponsor to our barbecue family. In professional barbecue competitions, especially in the south, we use a lot of brown sugar and Dixie Crystals are helping us out by providing coupons for us to purchase their pure cane brown sugar, which is a non-GMO product and provides consistently delicious results.   They have a wide variety of products: Sugar Shakers Dark Brown Sugar Steviacane Powdered Sugar Free-flowing Sugar Granulated Sugar Light Brown Sugar Why Smokin J’s Barbeque Uses Dixie Crystals Our style of barbecue is on the sweet side; therefore, using a quality brown sugar is crucial to our success. When heated, the…

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