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Douglas Georgia Competition Kicks Off the Season


The Georgia Barbecue Association kicked off the 2018-2019 season in Douglas, Georgia and Smokin J’s Barbeque, along with 40 other teams, were in the heart of it.

Kudos to the City of Douglas

The city of Douglas definitely knows how to run a competition.  Everything was strategically organized and planned for not only the cook teams, but also the many craft vendors, car enthusiast, and families who attended.

Great job to Mike Hudson and his staff!

Those of you who do not cook at professional competition events may find this mundane, however, the cook teams arrived to find great signage for the event; easy access to the cook sites, and wonderful organization by the city.

Cook sites were clearly marked and staff escorted teams directly to their assigned spots.

We were very grateful, electricity was immediately available because it was HOT!

Water was available relatively shortly thereafter.

Using the Douglas Municipal Airport, where we competed four years ago and endured a destructive tornado, was brilliant.

Activities were spread out.

Plenty of room for visitors to walk and enjoy the festivities.

The cook teams were not cramped but were close enough to socialize with our GBA family members.

Arriving Early…

We enjoyed looking at the vintage airplanes on display for the event.

Smokin J's Barbeque
Vintage airplanes were displayed at the Douglas, Georgia BBQ Festival

The wonderful city fed all the cook teams Friday night after our cook team meeting.

Thank you for the ham, chicken, greens, mac n’cheese, and delicious desserts. 

It is amazing how many contests fed the team’s barbecue.

The last thing we want to eat is some barbecue.

This was not just a professional barbecue association.

There were plenty of things to do at the South Georgia BBQ & Outdoor Festival.  

A motorcycle show, a custom-car show, an aircraft display, along with a flyover and a Friday night Kason Layne concert brought the visitors in.

Huey Helicopter rides were available along with a kids zone, complete with a reptile wagon and southeastern snake encounter demonstration.

Despite the warm temperatures, people packed the event.

Smokin J's Barbeque
Planes of various sizes were on display. Can you see our pitmaster?

Competition Hurdles

Surprisingly, I get so much more nervous than Doug BEFORE the competition even starts.

Doug stresses during the turn in times.

However, I guess our mojo was just a little off since it was the start of a new season – or at least that is what we are claiming.

We had several issues during the competition that kinda threw us off our game…

THANK YOU to Off The Chain for giving us a box of disposable gloves.

THANK YOU to Pirates of Pork Scents for loaning us an injector.

We were missing a few other tools which were left at home and we were just out of sync.

But we have since regrouped, figured out what went wrong, and loaded up new supplies.

We will be ready for the next competition.

Smokin J’s Barbeque Results

Of course, being off our game, we did not fare as well as we had hoped.

However, we were proud of our 10th place finish in brisket.

Good flavor, moist and tender – we just probably were on the same table as Rescue Smokers who took home 1st place in the category.  Congratulations of course!  

Our loin did not fair as good – we were 31st out of 44 teams.

In pork butt/shoulder – we were 37th.

Despite not changing any ingredients from our Grand Championship Ribs in Woodstock – we were 28th.


Very disappointed in our finish, but we were competing with the best teams in the Georgia Barbecue Association and will score better in Griffin.

Thank you to our sponsors.  Without you, we would not be able to do this!

D.C. Webster
Dixie Crystals
BBQ Guru

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