sip and swine 2021
Competitions,  Event Summary

Sip & Swine 2021

Our first competition in almost exactly a year wrapped up with not so hot results.

Many competitions were cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic.

Our last competition was actually the Sip and Swine event of 2020.

We walked on stage last year, but was not as fortunate this year.

Competition was very fierce, as teams from all over the country travelled to Lawrenceville, Georgia for this event.

Anxious pitmasters chopping at the bit to get back to what they love – BARBECUE!

Popularity of Sip & Swine

One of the few events scheduled for early 2021, the 6th Annual Sip & Swine BBQ Competition attracted teams from Texas,

The 6th Annual “Sip & Swine” BBQ Competition is a fully sanctioned national event with the Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS).

It features two days of barbeque competition and a vendor village located in the parking facilities of Coolray Field.

All proceeds benefit the Home of Hope at Gwinnett Children’s Shelter.

Because of the high demand, organizers expanded the competitive field to 81 professional teams, as well as 35 backyard teams.

With many teams moving towards bigger rigs, we were packed into the field like sardines, making for very tight quarters.

Smokin J’s appreciates the love

Again this year, family and friends paid us a visit and enjoyed some free barbecue.

Friday night was chilly, but we thoroughly enjoyed seeing some old friends – East Coast BBQ and making a few new friends.

We had a great meal at El Real Mexican Grill; a few margaritas amongst friends is a good thing.

el real mexican grill lawrenceville

Saturday we awoke to sleet falling on the cook camper, but that did not stop our granddaughter and son for spending the day with us.

Although the judges thought our barbecue was mediocre, our barbecue chicken was a hit with visiting friends.

el real mexican restaurant with friends

Sip & Swine Results

Not competing for 12 months showed in our results.

Our of 81 professional teams, we finished:

chicken – 43;  ribs – 65;  pork – 71;  brisket – 78.

Definitely not what we were hoping for, but we are back in form and getting ready for the next comp.

Congratulations to Triple H BBQ for their Grand Championship.

And we would like to thank all our sponsors – D.C. Webster, Oakridge Rubs, Dixie Crystals, and BBQ Guru.






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