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    Smokin J’s Barbeque Welcomes Dixie Crystals

    Smokin J’s Barbeque welcomes Dixie Crystals as a sponsor to our barbecue family. In professional barbecue competitions, especially in the south, we use a lot of brown sugar and Dixie Crystals are helping us out by providing coupons for us to purchase their pure cane brown sugar, which is a non-GMO product and provides consistently delicious results.   They have a wide variety of products: Sugar Shakers Dark Brown Sugar Steviacane Powdered Sugar Free-flowing Sugar Granulated Sugar Light Brown Sugar Why Smokin J’s Barbeque Uses Dixie Crystals Our style of barbecue is on the sweet side; therefore, using a quality brown sugar is crucial to our success. When heated, the…

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    Leftover Competition Pork in this Goulash Stew

    A goulash is typically a stew made with some sort of protein and seasoned with spices, then cooked for an extended amount of time. Smokin J’s Barbeque keeps the trimmings off our competition meat, for the exception of the fat; bring them home and store them in the deep freezer. Recently, I found TWO, two-gallon zip lock bags in the deep freezer. Frustrated, I decided to develop my own goulash recipe and use one of those 2-gallon bags as my protein. Trim the Meat After thawing the meat, overnight in the refrigerator; I had to trim any remaining fat off the meat. It is difficult to remove ALL the fat.…

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    Judging in the Georgia Barbecue Association

      If you like lip-licking, delicious barbecue prepared by some of the best competitive pitmasters in the country, then you should consider judging barbecue in the Georgia Barbecue Association. Smokin J’s Barbeque is not only a professional cook team in the GBA, but we are also certified judges, for the association. We learned a tremendous amount during our training, which helped elevate our cooking game. Several opportunities are approaching if you want to become a judge in the GBA.  Prerequisites for Being a Judge You probably should love barbecue – lol! Like family-friendly events! Can dedicate a few weekends a year to enjoying fellowship with other barbecue connoisseurs. Class attendees…

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    Cartersville’s Hidden Gem: Appalachian Grill

    Smokin J’s Barbeque will be judging this weekend’s (March 31 – April 1, 2017) Georgia Barbecue Association sanctioned event in downtown Cartersville, Georgia.  Sponsored by BBQ & Brews, this will be a family event featuring great food, music and fun. Click here for address and festival info Please, if you decide to attend the festivities, make sure to visit some of the locally owned businesses.  One of Cartersville’s hidden gems is a great steak restaurant, Appalachian Grill. Here is a review written by freelance writer, JoAnn Johnson. Appalachian Grill in Cartersville, Georgia Located just 40 minutes northwest of Atlanta, Cartersville can lay claim to one of the most quaint, romantic…

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    Smokin J’s Barbeque at Eggtoberfest 2016

    Another Eggtoberfest is in the books for Smokin J’s Barbeque.  This was our 9th Eggtoberfest in the last 10 years.  We missed one year due to a Georgia Barbecue Association event taking priority. This year Smokin J’s Barbeque used the event as practice for some pork loin testing.  We tried several different flavor profiles and asked attendees for comments.  Surprisingly, most agreed we need to add more heat to our profile.  We had great positive feedback on our sauce, which we have been tinkering with.  Overall, it was a great opportunity to get some honest opinions.   What is Eggtoberfest? Eggtoberfest is an annual celebration for the ceramic smokers’ enthusiast. …

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