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    How to Smoke Beef Ribs in a Stump Smoker

    Our pitmaster, Doug, is a huge fan of beef ribs. Typically, he cooks the short ribs found in most supermarkets, on the Big Green Egg or the gas grill; however, since obtaining the Stump Smoker, we wanted to smoke some. We considered buying some via “mail order.” However, we are really uncomfortable with buying such an expensive cut, without seeing what the product looks like before we buy. JoAnn discovered a local butcher shop, specializing in “custom cuts.” Although small, Revival Butchery provides all types of culinary proteins. With over 20 varieties of sausage, artisan meats and custom cuts, Jeremy (owner) will find whatever you desire. When JoAnn asks for “Fred…

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    Smoking a Green Ham

    Entertaining a crowd and showing off our new smoker was key when we decided smoking a green ham would be a great alternative. Hosting a family gathering for about 25 people, we didn’t want to smoke the same ol’ pulled pork – although our family loves our version. We decided to smoke a “green-ham; a ham, usually the entire hind leg section of a pig, NOT cured, nor pre-cooked. Typically, a green-ham is placed in a brine for an extended period of time; however, due to the difficulty of locating a green-ham (it took us two days), we injected our pork. Vaughn Packing Company has a huge selection of beef and…

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    Seasoning Up a Stump Smoker

    Smokin J’s Barbeque has decided to step up our BBQ competition game; we have added a new gravity fed smoker to the family – a Stump Smoker.   Big Investment – Big Decision This decision did not come easy.  During our humble beginnings of BBQ competition, we agreed we needed to stick to what we knew   – smoking on the Big Green Egg. Doug, already an expert on the BGE, convinced wife, JoAnn to buy another Big Green Egg and we dove right in to the professional level of competitive BBQ. Unfortunately, the Big Green Egg limits the quantity of meat you can cook simultaneously. After 4+ years of competing,…

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