• Barbecue pulled pork competition box
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    Using Your Leftover Pulled Pork

    Being a professional barbecue competition team, you have plenty of neighbors and friends eagerly awaiting your return from a competition, to see if you had any leftover pulled pork or any other meat. They politely inquire, “how did you do this weekend?”  Followed up with, “did you have leftovers?” Typically, we have several family members or friends who visit us during a competition, which we will gladly share leftovers, once all turn in boxes are complete. Sometimes, we end up taking some home and freezing it for future meals. Using our Food Saver is the best way to store leftover pork. This model comes with various size bags.  The quart…

  • smoke ring on a smoked green ham
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    Smoking a Green Ham

    Entertaining a crowd and showing off our new smoker was key when we decided smoking a green ham would be a great alternative. Hosting a family gathering for about 25 people, we didn’t want to smoke the same ol’ pulled pork – although our family loves our version. We decided to smoke a “green-ham; a ham, usually the entire hind leg section of a pig, NOT cured, nor pre-cooked. Typically, a green-ham is placed in a brine for an extended period of time; however, due to the difficulty of locating a green-ham (it took us two days), we injected our pork. Vaughn Packing Company has a huge selection of beef and…

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    Leftover Competition Pork in this Goulash Stew

    A goulash is typically a stew made with some sort of protein and seasoned with spices, then cooked for an extended amount of time. Smokin J’s Barbeque keeps the trimmings off our competition meat, for the exception of the fat; bring them home and store them in the deep freezer. Recently, I found TWO, two-gallon zip lock bags in the deep freezer. Frustrated, I decided to develop my own goulash recipe and use one of those 2-gallon bags as my protein. Trim the Meat After thawing the meat, overnight in the refrigerator; I had to trim any remaining fat off the meat. It is difficult to remove ALL the fat.…

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