• i need a vacation
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    Carrabelle Beach RV Resort Vacation

    Have you ever woke up one morning and thought, I really, really need a vacation? Especially, if you haven’t taken a REAL, soak up the sun, vacation in almost 3 years? Our last vacation –  summer 2017! – a cruise with our GBA barbecue friends. Despite living in the picturesque Appalachian foothills, we needed some sun and beach time. The campground needed to fit these essentials: accommodate our large rig as close to the ocean as possible (but cheaper than spots right on the water) be on the Emerald Coast budget-friendly My research discovered Carrabelle Beach RV Resort located between Carrabelle and East Point, Florida. We reserved a week and planned…

  • Pigpen Waterfall Oconee County South Carolina
    Travel,  Waterfalls

    Waterfall Hike on a Hot Sunday in July

    Are you as tired as we are about quarantining? Sick of looking at the same four walls each weekend? The cancellation of many bbq competitions has left us stranded at home. A couple of weeks ago, feeling a bit imprisoned, we ventured out on a hot July Sunday searching for a beautiful waterfall. Station Cove Waterfalls Living in the western Carolinas allows us quick access to some of the most beautiful, picturesque waterfalls in the southeast. Station Cove Falls is in the Sumter National Forest, Andrew Pickens Ranger District. At a height of 80′, it is a massive rock cliff formation that has to be seen to appreciate. The abrupt…

  • Big Green Egg Fired up
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    How to Choose Wood and Fuel for Your Smoker

    Choosing the type of smoking wood and fuel for your smoker doesn’t have to be difficult. Probably the most frequently asked question we get is do you smoke with lump charcoal or briquettes? Honestly, our answer is, “it depends.” Both have their benefits, however, both have disadvantages as well. More importantly, what type of charcoal you use depends more on what type of cooking vessel you are smoking with. Here are our thoughts on barbecue fuels. Pitmaster precautions First of all, never, ever, never use lighter fluid on lump or briquettes. Not all charcoal is created equal, nor do all grilling product manufacturers have a commitment to producing natural, healthy,…

  • close up big green egg lid leaking smoke
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    How to Replace a Gasket Seal on a Ceramic Smoker

    If you own any brand of ceramic smoker, such as a Big Green Egg, Primo, or Kamado Joe, you will eventually need to replace the gasket seal. Our pitmaster, Doug, has done this several times and now wants to show you how to do it on a Big Green Egg. If you are smoking your favorite protein, only to discover smoke seeping out around the seal of your ceramic smoker, it is time to change it. Tools You Will Need to Replace Gasket A new seal for your corresponding brand and size smoker Summary instructions on how to replace the gasket seal Make sure to watch our accompanying video. CLICK…

  • purple 7th place ribbon at Sip and Swine
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    Walking Onstage at Sip and Swine

    We finally walked onstage at the 5th annual KCBS (Kansas City Barbecue Society) Sip and Swine event. It was a weekend to remember since this is only our third KCBS competition. The occasion was even more joyous because our granddaughter walked onstage with us. Kicking off a new barbecue season Held at Cool Ray Field in Lawrenceville, Georgia, the 5th Annual Sip & Swine event was well organized and a huge success. Well known throughout the competition circuit, this event attracts some of the most recognizable names in barbecue, including Destination America BBQ Pitmaster judge, Myron Mixon. Competing against 60 other professional cook teams was a tough way to start…

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