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Smokin J’s Barbeque Welcomes Dixie Crystals

Smokin J's Barbeque newest sponsorSmokin J’s Barbeque welcomes Dixie Crystals as a sponsor to our barbecue family.

In professional barbecue competitions, especially in the south, we use a lot of brown sugar and Dixie Crystals is helping us out by providing coupons for us to purchase their pure cane brown sugar, which  is non-GMO product and provides consistently delicious results.


Dixie Crystals has a wide variety of products:

Why Smokin J’s Barbeque Uses Dixie Crystals

Our style of barbecue is on the sweet side; therefore, using a quality brown sugar is crucial to our success.

When heated, the sugars caramelize and become the brown crust of deliciousness you love. However, sugar can quickly change from buttery, or a butterscotch flavor – to – a bitter or burnt taste.  Part of the learning curve, is determining the exact temperature this change happens.  Of course, it depends on your cooking method; type of sugar and protein your using.

Dixie Crystals with Smokin J's Barbeque
Dixie Crystals is an essential ingredient for our Championship ribs

We love that Dixie Crystals is a high-quality sweetener, which contains no-GMO products and is gluten-free.  If you follow team member, JoAnn’s blog, JoAnn’s Food Bites, you will discover she is strongly opposed of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in any food!

Because we are preparing competition barbecue for a panel of judges, it is important, none of our ingredients could instigate any common food allergic reactions.  Dixie Crystal sugar contains NONE of the eight FDA listed major food allergens.

As an added bonus, being from the great state of Georgia, we like Dixie Crystals southern heritage.  Originally known as the Savannah Sugar Refining Corporation, but in 1997, was acquired by Imperial Sugar Company, they have stayed in Georgia, helping propel Savannah, Georgia as one of the largest raw sugar ports in the world.

Thank you Dixie Crystals for your quality product and contribution to Smokin J’s Barbeque.