Competitions,  Event Summary

Mediocore Meat at Canton BBQ & Brews

Judges said we had mediocore meat at Canton’s BBQ & Brews barbecue competition.

Traditional BBQ and Brews Gift Basket
We won the gift basket for having our cook application in BEFORE any other teams!

The weekend started off great!  Traditionally, BBQ & Brews gives away a gift basket to the team who turns in their competition application first.


Filled with t-shirts, hats, pig regalia and Reformation Beer – we appreciated being recognized.

We are always excited about participating in these north Georgia events, so we get our applications in, as soon as we see them appear on the GBA schedule. 

Dale Wilson, owner of Pirate 50 Custom Artwork and Trophies (and creator of some of the best GBA trophies) surprised BBQ & Brews’ Gary Lamb and Kristen Cash-Raines with their own trophy replicas.

Pirates Custom Artwork

The weather was beautiful, but our meat did not satisfy the judges.

Finishing in the middle of the pack, we were hoping for better results.

  • 12th in Loin
  • 20th in Pork
  • 17th in Ribs
  • 15th Overall

We are finally getting used to our Stump Stretch Smoker, Abby II and expect to improve with experience.

We want to thank those who came out to cheer us on…

Sponsor – D.C. Webster

Stump Smokers owner – Thad Estes

and first time visitor – Bill Webster

And we need to thank our sponsors…

BBQ CyberQ
BBQ Guru is a sponsor of Smokin J’s Barbeque
Dixie Crystals Smokin js barbeque
Thank you Dixie Crystals for your continued support.










Our next competition is quickly approaching.  We will be at our favorite barbecue competition cook site location, in all of the GBA – Towns Bluff RV Park & Heritage Center on the Altamaha River.


Food, craft vendors, fun for the kids, and of course, the smell of barbecue will be happening all day Saturday, May 5th.

Hope to see you there!

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