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Barbecue Smoked Up The Mountains

smoke up the mountainsIt was a successful weekend for Smokin J’s Barbeque!  Seeing our barbecue family always makes for a good weekend, but for the first time, we heard our name TWICE during awards…

7th Place Loin

7th Place Pulled Pork

pork and loin 7 pork

Friday evening began with the ritual, cook’s meeting, where the facilitator of the Smokin Up The Mountains event, Gary Lamb presented us with a gift basket.  The much appreciated gift was for being the first competition team with a paid submitted application.  Containing Reformation beer, glasses, chips, a stained glass pig and a painted sign with our team name.  bbq sign

This was a special competition for Smokin J’s Barbeque because our son, Chris joined our team for this event.  He was such a great help.  He learned right away how to inject and the true meaning of “layers of flavor.”

We want to congratulate a special few competitors on their calls at the event.  The Georgia Barbecue Association is like a family, but a few people, you seem to get to know a bit better than others.  We really appreciate their support and friendship.


daddy o
Daddy-O’s BBQ was #2 overall for pulled pork
rub shakers que
Rub Shakers Que 5th place for pulled pork

Although Smokin J’s Barbeque finished 16th of 26 teams, we learned a great deal and will improve our game for the next competition.  Despite our ribs being perfect when they came off the pit, they did not have the tenderness needed for a win, but the box sure as hell was beautiful, thanks to pitmaster Doug…


We personally would like to thank our personal friends for visiting us during the competition.  Your encouragement and support really help us through two days of very little sleep.  Despite the event being a barbecue competition, we eat very little the days of the event.

Thank you……

  • D.C. Webster and Mary Dowda
  • Micky Echols
  • Steve Boyette
  • Stewart & Debbie Hatcher
  • David & Amanda Bryant (and Amanda’s parents)
  • Jim Talmadge











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