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    Hearty Beef Ribs on the Grill

    Hearty Beef Ribs on the Grill Doug loves beef ribs, better than pork because of the red meat flavor.  He says, “it is like your a caveman ripping the meat off a large bone.” Grocery shopping for the weekend, I was surprised to find large beef ribs at my local Publix. Packaged in small amounts, perfect for two people, I could not resist surprising Doug for a Friday night meal. Back Beef Ribs Beef ribs are from the upper, back of the cow. Typically containing the same meat you would find from a ribeye steak. These are rather larger (6″-8″ long).  Since most ribeye steaks are sold boneless, it leaves…

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    Acclimate for a Good Steak

    Steaks: Grain vs. Grass Fed Do you believe throwing a steak on a grill, searing it and then immediately eating it will make for a good meal, I disagree. Because steak is one of the items I will pay a little extra, for good quality, I take particular steps to ensure I am getting the best flavor, juiciness, and tenderness for my money. I will spend more for grain-fed meat when I can find it. GRAIN-FED VS. GRASS-FED BEEF Grain-fed Beef Pasture-raised = grazes on grass Later, fed hearty, rich-in-nutrients grain The most flavorful and highest quality beef available, with superior marbling and texture Top chefs agree, grain-fed beef tastes…

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