• Honey Mustard Glazed Grilled Chicken Breast
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    Tips for Grilling Chicken Breast

    Grilled chicken is like a blank canvas for flavor. By itself, chicken is flavorless and bland. How can you avoid charred-on-the-outside, raw-on-the-inside grilled chicken? Here are our tips for grilling the perfect chicken breast. Preparing the chicken breast for the grill As we know, dark meat is more flavorful than other parts of the chicken. The legs are richer and fattier than breasts, and the extra bit of fat goes a long way toward keeping the meat from drying out. However, for chicken breast, we can prevent the meat from drying out by submerging the meat in a brine or a marinade before grilling. Regardless of which cut you are…

  • whiskey smoky barbecue chicken plated
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    Whiskey Smoked Barbecue Chicken

    Grilling chicken is one of our favorite “go-to” meals in the summer. It is quick, easy, and just takes a little bit of prep. This recipe is ideal for chicken drumsticks, but I am not a fan of dark meat.  We substituted skinless, boneless chicken breast and it turned out delicious. For this Whiskey Smoky Barbecue Chicken, as with any grilled chicken recipe, the most important, MOST CRUCIAL step is the brine. WHY BRINE CHICKEN? Chicken is a very lean protein.  Brining the poultry helps maintain moisture and impart flavor. After trying several “salt” based potions, I have found using a 1:1 ratio of sugar to salt, mixed thoroughly in…

  • Grilled vegetables
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    Top 5 Grilling Techniques to Improve Your Waistline

    Let’s face it, we are all trying to eat more healthy and watch our weight, but we also love our grills, smokers and outdoor cooking vessels. When it comes to grilling, you might think of savory, fatty foods, slathered in a coat of sugary barbecue sauce; however, grilling – a high-heat method of cooking directly over the flames or hot coals, can be advantageous when trying to lose G. Small or thin sliced pieces of food are best when it comes to grilling. However, there are two types of grilling – direct and indirect. DIRECT GRILLING Usually, direct grilling involves thin cuts of meat like steak, pork chops, kebabs, and…

  • fried chicken wings from the gas grill
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    Fried Chicken Wings From Your Gas Grill

    Chicken wings are one of our “go-to” meals during football season.  We usually buy the five-pound bags at Sam’s Club, then divide them up into freezable, sealed bags when we get home.  Each bag includes about ten total wings, just enough for both of us – these wings are rather large. Some stats indicate that Americans will eat over a billion chicken wings for the Superbowl in February.  Why do we like chicken wings so much? Easy to hold and require no utensil Can be flavored to almost anything to suit a variety of tastes Good to serve a crowd or at a sports gathering Chicken wings are an American…

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    Top 5 Criteria For The Most Tender Steak

    Steak and potato are probably the most popular comfort food for meat-eating Americans, but getting the most tender steak possible is key. My husband and I have steak at least once a week, usually on Fridays after a long work week. Steak and baked potatoes are an easy meal, cooked on the grill, with very little clean up required. Perfect for a Friday evening at home. Also, cooking steak at home is much, much more economical than dining out for steak. Lastly, you control your steak, therefore, with practice, you can cook your steak exactly as you want it. As I promised to my subscribers, earlier this week; here are…

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