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    How to Smoke Beef Ribs in a Stump Smoker

    Our pitmaster, Doug, is a huge fan of beef ribs. Typically, he cooks the short ribs found in most supermarkets, on the Big Green Egg or the gas grill; however, since obtaining the Stump Smoker, we wanted to smoke some. We considered buying some via “mail order.” However, we are really uncomfortable with buying such an expensive cut, without seeing what the product looks like before we buy. JoAnn discovered a local butcher shop, specializing in “custom cuts.” Although small, Revival Butchery provides all types of culinary proteins. With over 20 varieties of sausage, artisan meats and custom cuts, Jeremy (owner) will find whatever you desire. When JoAnn asks for “Fred…

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    Hearty Beef Ribs on the Grill

    Hearty Beef Ribs on the Grill Doug loves beef ribs, better than pork because of the red meat flavor.  He says, “it is like your a caveman ripping the meat off a large bone.” Grocery shopping for the weekend, I was surprised to find large beef ribs at my local Publix. Packaged in small amounts, perfect for two people, I could not resist surprising Doug for a Friday night meal. Back Beef Ribs Beef ribs are from the upper, back of the cow. Typically containing the same meat you would find from a ribeye steak. These are rather larger (6″-8″ long).  Since most ribeye steaks are sold boneless, it leaves…

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