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    Big Green Egg Chicken Wings

    For any big sporting event weekend, I want to smoke up chicken wings in the Big Green Egg. Chicken is relatively cheap. Wings cook up quickly. They freeze easily, so you can have them readily on hand. Chicken wings can adapt to almost any flavor you desire. Let’s examine some best practices if you want to smoke up some tasty wings for your next sports celebration. Storage of Chicken Wings As I said, chicken wings, if bought in bulk, are relatively cheap.  I purchase mine in 20 lb. frozen bags at my local warehouse club.  They are already cut into drumettes and wings.  Fresh chicken wings at my local supermarket…

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    Maintenance of Your Big Green Egg

    This post contains affiliate links. After visiting with family last weekend, it occurred to us, not all Big Green Egg owners are familiar with the extent of maintenance needed to maintain your Big Green Egg investment. AND…. A Big Green Egg owner makes a LIFESTYLE INVESTMENT with the purchase. To produce such delicious quality food, a pit master must first learn to take care of his investment. To understand how your BGE has been constructed; see our article http://www.smokinjsbarbeque.com/the-big-green-egg/anatomy-of-a-big-green-egg/   Purchase the right tools for the job Here is a list of some basic items a Big Green Owner should have to properly maintain his smoker…   Ash bucket –…

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    Smokin J’s Barbeque at Eggtoberfest 2016

    Another Eggtoberfest is in the books for Smokin J’s Barbeque.  This was our 9th Eggtoberfest in the last 10 years.  We missed one year due to a Georgia Barbecue Association event taking priority. This year Smokin J’s Barbeque used the event as practice for some pork loin testing.  We tried several different flavor profiles and asked attendees for comments.  Surprisingly, most agreed we need to add more heat to our profile.  We had great positive feedback on our sauce, which we have been tinkering with.  Overall, it was a great opportunity to get some honest opinions.   What is Eggtoberfest? Eggtoberfest is an annual celebration for the ceramic smokers’ enthusiast. …

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    Arthrogryposis Mini-Meet Up

    Smokin J’s Barbeque had the pleasure of cooking up a couple of pork butts for our Arthrogryposis family.  This “Mini-Meet Up” usually occurs twice a year, once in the summer and once in the fall, for those affected by Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita.   Attendees use this gathering to keep in touch with each other, let the kids play together and discuss topics surrounding this underfunded birth defect.                 Most of the discussion surrounds the annual AMC conference, this year to be held just outside Las Vegas, Nevada.  AMC members, from around the world will gather at this yearly event to attend workshops, discussions and…

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    Anatomy of a Big Green Egg

    Despite the wide range of shapes, sizes, and configurations, most ceramic smokers, like the Big Green Egg are similar in anatomy construction. If you understand the various parts and its function, you are well on your way to being a pitmaster. The Big Green Egg design is a modern take on the clay kamado-style cookers from the Chinese Qin Dynasty. Entrepreneur Ed Fisher discovered the domed clay cooker while overseas. His determination, state-of-the-art ceramic design, along with a patented draft door and vent cap has allowed the Big Green Egg company to be the world’s largest producer and international distributor of the ceramic kamado-style cooker. Big Green Egg Dimensions model…

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