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    9 Essentials for a Barbecue Competition

    We have been competing in the Georgia Barbecue Association for five years. When we started, we knew nothing about professional barbecue except what everyone has seen on television.  TV glamorizes the competition, which is a blast – but it is very challenging and hard work. Every team who has won a trophy or money in a competition has truly worked for it. Experience has taught us a lot – as well as our fellow GBA family members.  However, prior to our first competition, we didn’t know about disposable cutting boards or heat resistant gloves?  We have absorbed knowledge by talking with our fellow competitors and devising unorthodox uses for some…

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    Using Your Leftover Pulled Pork

    Being a professional barbecue competition team, you have plenty of neighbors and friends eagerly awaiting your return from a competition, to see if you had any leftover meat. They politely inquire, “how did you do this weekend?”  Followed up with, “did you have leftovers?” Typically, we have several family members or friends who visit us during a competition, which we will gladly share leftovers, once all turn in boxes are complete. Sometimes, we end up taking some home and freezing it for future meals. Using our Food Saver is the best way to store leftover pork. This model comes with various size bags.  The quart size is perfect to accommodate…

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    Maintenance of Your Big Green Egg

    This post contains affiliate links. After visiting with family last weekend, it occurred to us, not all Big Green Egg owners are familiar with the extent of maintenance needed to maintain your Big Green Egg investment. AND…. A Big Green Egg owner makes a LIFESTYLE INVESTMENT with the purchase. To produce such delicious quality food, a pit master must first learn to take care of his investment. To understand how your BGE has been constructed; see our article http://www.smokinjsbarbeque.com/the-big-green-egg/anatomy-of-a-big-green-egg/   Purchase the right tools for the job Here is a list of some basic items a Big Green Owner should have to properly maintain his smoker…   Ash bucket –…

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    Hearty Beef Ribs on the Grill

    Hearty Beef Ribs on the Grill Doug loves beef ribs, better than pork because of the red meat flavor.  He says, “it is like your a caveman ripping the meat off a large bone.” Grocery shopping for the weekend, I was surprised to find large beef ribs at my local Publix. Packaged in small amounts, perfect for two people, I could not resist surprising Doug for a Friday night meal. Back Beef Ribs Beef ribs are from the upper, back of the cow. Typically containing the same meat you would find from a ribeye steak. These are rather larger (6″-8″ long).  Since most ribeye steaks are sold boneless, it leaves…

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    Top 5 Criteria For The Most Tender Steak

    Originally published on http://joannsfoodbites.com/ Steak and potato is probably the most popular comfort food for meat-eating Americans.  My husband and I have steak at least once a week, usually on Friday’s after a long work week.  Steak and baked potatoes are an easy meal, cooked on the grill, with very little clean up required.  Perfect for a Friday evening at home.  Also, cooking steak at home is much, much more economical than dining out for steak.  Lastly, you control your steak, therefore, with practice, you can cook your steak exactly like you want it. As I promised to my subscribers, earlier this week; Here are my top 5 criteria (no…

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